Terms of service

The Terms of Service is an agreement that specifies necessary matters when using this service (application).In addition, you will be able to receive the services only if you have registered as a member and subsequently approved by the administrator.Member registration is subject to acceptance of the terms of service.
Article 1 Definition of Terms of Use Terms
The service:The service of posting or sharing of pictures, videos and statements etc provided by the administrator through this site.(Including the services provided to the registered members.)
The agreement:This agreement of terms of use.
Registration:Agreeing to these Terms and Privacy Policy and applying for the Service.
Member:Of the users, those who have registered as members by agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and who has been approved the provision of member services by the administrator.
Membership Service:
The services provided in "Article 11 Contents of the Service" limited to the registered members of the users.
Members Registration Information:Any information that member has provided to the administrator for the purpose of receiving membership registration or member service.
Unsubscriptions:Termination of the provision of membership services by canceling member's registration by this agreement and the method decided by the administrator.
Personal information:Information such as an e-mail address in the registered information, by which a specific individual can be identified.
Verification information:During registration, Phone number, e-mail address, password, serial number etc. required by the administrator to verify the connection from the members.
Content shared by members: All the material with copyrights or the data such as videos, images, statements, etc. posted or uploaded on this site by the members.
Article 2 Application of The Terms of Use
This agreement will be applicable everytime this service will be used. In accordance with this agreement,the users will be able to use this service only within the scope of the same.
Article 3 Changes in The Terms of Use
At times, the terms will be changed or new contents may be added without a notice to the users or the acknowledgment of the users.The addition and change of these terms shall be in effect from the point it is being posted and displayed on this site unless the administrator specifies it separately.If the user uses this service after the change of this agreement is in effect, it will be assumed that the user has accepted the changed terms.But this will be followed when a specific time period is fixed since when separate adoption is taking place.
Article 4 Members
The applicant will accept The Terms of Service and The Privacy Policies and apply for the service provided by the administrator after the administrator's approval.And also after becoming a member, it is deemed that the user has accepted these terms and the privacy policy.After getting the application for membership registration, the administrator will approve it through some necessary examination and procedures.Moreover, even after receiving the registration application, if the administrator finds any defect while examining it, the member's registration will not be approved. The administrator will legally liable for any damage caused to the disapproval of anyone's membership registration application. And also, the contents and results of the examination shall not be disclosed to the membership applicants and applicants shall not dispute the results of the examination.Those whose age is below 18 years and those who have not reached the age of 18 years by April 1st of the year can not register for membership. When using bank transfer payment, you will have to provide us the details of your age proof to prove your age above 18 years.
Article 5 Prohibition of transfer of membership etc.
A member can not hand over, lend, or make it collateral to a third party the qualification as a member or their right towards a manager as a member.And also one cannot pass on one's liabilities as a member to the third party.
Article 6 Changing registration information
If a member changes any of the content of registration information like Email address etc, he should notify it to the administrator promptly by way a of process established by the administrator.The administrator will not be responsible for any disadvantage or loss caused to the member until the member makes the notification for the change in the registration information or if he fails to notify it to the administrator.
Article 7 Unsubscription
When a member wants to stop this service, he should send a notification for unsubscription to the administrator by the process established by the administrator.And the unsubscription will be in action once the administrator receives the notification from the member.(Hereafter referred as "unsubscribing members".) However, if there is any unpaid fee found and confirmed for this service at the time of withdrawal request, we will not accept the request for unsubscription.And the company will not conduct the money exchange for points or another cost of purchase at the time of unsubscription.
The administrator shall be able to force unsubscribe or forfeit the points of members who have not used this service for one year (based on the presence or absence of login to this site) without the consent of the member.Regarding the unsubscribing members, the administrator shall be able to delete all the saved personal information, writings of the unsubscribing member, or any unread or unsent data from the member.The member should save his writings he created in some other format before unsubscribing.The administrator is not responsible to save that data forever.In case of death of any member, that member will not be liable to be a member of this service.
Article 8 Withdrawal of membership
If any of the following items are applied to the registered member,the administrator can unilaterally cancel the membership of the registered member without giving any notification or report.
  1. Breach of these Terms of Use
  2. Giving false or wrong information to the administrator
  3. Other things considered as inappropriate by the administrator
  4. Conduct of prohibited things given in to Article 15
  5. In case of the death of the member
  6. If there is a need for a change in the information after member registration, but if the member doesn't change it
  7. In case of tampering or unauthorized use of the registered information.
  8. In case of unauthorized use of Id or password
  9. In case of delay or refusal to the payment of charges for this site
  10. In case of illegal behavior while using this site
  11. Other things considered as inappropriate by the administrator

For the members who have been expelled from this service before, the same measures as given in Article 7 will be taken and will not be approved for the membership for this service as a general rule.If the administrator faces any kind of damage due to any type of conduct gave in the earlier paragraph or any act equivalent to it, the member, regardless of temporary termination of this service or expulsion from this service, shall compensate for the loss after a negotiation with the operator.The member who will be expelled from this service, will not be able to ask for the reason for the expulsion and also won't be able to dispute the expulsion.By way of unsubscription given in this article, expulsion, losing the membership, the member will lose all the rights regarding the use of this service.
Article 9 Arrears on the charges
There no arrears system as the prepaid system is in practice for this site.Hence, there won't be any demand for the arrears or anything similar to this.
Article 10 Handling of ID (Email address) and password
  1. We take complete responsibility of use and handling of registered members' ID(Email address) and password.Yet,regardless of any reason,if any information regarding ID(Email address),password, credit card is used by the third person and if that has caused damage to the member,the company is not responsible for such loss at all.
  2. If there occurs a change in member's registered information, payment information, details of member's registrations, or if the member forgets the information he has written,he should notify it in the given way as soon as possible.The company doesn't bear any responsibility in case of any loss or disadvantage caused to the member when there is no such notification sent or because of unavailability of the notification.
  3. If a registered member causes damage to a third party when using this service, the registered member will resolve it with his own responsibility and cost, and will not cause any damage to this service.The company will not take any responsibility either for the damage that is caused by the use of this service or for any compensation to the damage to any subscriber or the third party.
  4. If you uninstall the application or change the device or your application is force stopped and has come to the very initial stage, your account data (including the purchased points) will be deleted in case you have not registered the e-mail address using the prescribed method of this site and the data will not be carried over.And also, the administrator will not be responsible for the loss caused by that.
Article 11 Content of this service
  • The service provided through this app is only to enjoy chatting or calling and it does not aim for obtaining any relationship between the opposite sexes.Please note that if any post related to this is found on timeline etc,it will be deleted by administration officials.
  • The service provided by the company and the content of the programme are the ones those are available at that moment.By displaying on this site, the administrator can change the content of the service provided or programme at any time without the permission of the member (including reorganization).The administrator may temporarily suspend or stop the service of this site without any notice for regular or emergency maintenance or various circumstances such as disaster / natural disaster.
  • When the service can not be provided due to natural disasters, fire, blackouts, etc.
  • At the time of periodic or emergency maintenance of the facility and system of this service, etc
    1. When the provision of this service becomes impossible due to war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, etc.
    2. At the time of periodic or emergency maintenance of the facility and system of this service, etc
    3. When the provision of this service becomes impossible due to war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, etc.
    4. Other times when temporary suspension of this service is necessary
The administrator can stop the site based on his decision on a previous notice of at least one month.This news will be published by the other administrators of this site through provided means.The members will use the service on their own responsibility believing their own interpretation of the contents given in this site.
Article 12 The changes in service etc.
The contents of this service can be changed (addition or reduction in the content) or aborted as appropriate for the administrator without the acknowledgement or notifying the users.With respect to such change or discontinuation, the administrator shall not be liable for any damages or any other liability towards the user.
Article 13 Setting and maintenance of the facilities, etc.
The user should bear all the cost and the responsibility and make arrangements for the essential equipment, software, other types of equipment, proper internet connection and all the other things needed to use this service and maintain them on his own.
Article 14 Responsibilities of the User

The user shall use this service in compliance with these Terms.

When using this service, if there is a set procedure specified by the administrator, the user shall follow that procedure in order to use this service.

The user shall bear all responsibility for all the contents posted or uploaded by using this service.

If the user violates this contract or any of the rules given in "Article 15 Prohibited activities"and if he receives any complaint or claim from other users or any other third party or if the member makes any request or claim form to users or to the third party,the user should handle and solve these requests, claims, and disputes arising therefrom on his own risk and responsibility and should not cause any inconvenience or damage to administrator.And also, the administrator is not at all responsible for any disputes between two users.If the user causes any loss or damage to the administrator concerning the use of this service, the user shall compensate for the damage after the negotiation between the operator and the user.If the administrator gets any claim for the compensation for a loss/damage from other member or any other third party due to concerned member's behaviour or if the administrator suffers any social or economic or any other loss because of the concerned member,that member, by way of a negotiation with the operator,should compensate for the damage or for any financial loss (the compensation also includes lawyer's fees in a certain rational range.)

As a result, there will be some content which will be under control of the administrator which users or the third party might feel uncomfortable, inappropriate or disdained.

If a member faces the loss because of violation, the administration shall not be responsible for such loss.And also if there is any claim or complaint on the base of this, the administrator will neither take any responsibility of such claims or complaint nor the administrator will be involved with any mediator related to this matter.

At the step when the member has registered for using this service, it is assumed that the member has agreed upon handling all his registration information on his own responsibility

Article 15 Prohibited Actions

The administrator forbids following actions when using this service.If the user violates any of the prohibitions, the administrator can suspend some or all of the services provided by the site, delete the membership of that user and can refuse to use the service again in future.

  1. Infringement or actions which may lead to infringement of the intellectual property rights such as trademark right, copyright, etc., and rights and interests of third parties including rights and interests concerning information such as trade secrets (For example, uploading, posting, sending, etc. of messages and contents that the particular user does not have legitimate right to disclose)
  2. Act of sending or uploading corrupted files or files containing viruses or any other files/software or programmes that might damage others' computer
  3. Writing private information such as home address or telephone number or email address in Nickname column or in Self introduction column
  4. An act that might infringe or violate privacy rights or portrait rights of the third party(For example, information related to privacy such as the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. of a third party being posted in a form presumed that the third party does not wish to publish.)
  5. An act that will damage the honor and credibility of the third party such as discrimination, abuse, slander, threatening.
  6. Posting, uploading, sharing or sending things through all functions and services of this website, things like slander, harassment, violence etc. which will create a feeling of disguise, discomfort, or fear to the other users.
  7. Any act that will harm the healthy development and growth of minors or fostering of such acts.
  8. Pretending to be a third party or other organization, or falsifying a relationship with third parties or other organization
  9. Using personal information of the other users or fake information
  10. Making false facts or posting false content with of motive of misleading
  11. Advertisement, promotion, solicitation, sabotaging of others'mail delivery, requesting chain-like mail transfer, acts aimed at infinite chaining, or acts of encouraging spam emails
  12. Gambling or sending promotion e-mails of participation in those gambling establishments, or posting information related to it.
  13. Posting information about asset management such as stocks, securities, investment etc. for promoting specific investment plans.
  14. Using this site for business activities, or using it only for commercial reasons or preparing for such causes without concerning the authentication of this site.
  15. The service provided by this site does not intend to create relations between opposite genders.Forcing the other person to personally meet, try to get the personal information of the other user or any relating act is prohibited.
  16. Collecting or accumulating the personal information of third party or any other act leading to such acts are prohibited.
  17. Violating laws and ordinances or any act leading to such violation is prohibited.
  18. Action violating public order and morals or any act leading to such violation is prohibited.
  19. To publish or solicit political or religious activities or any content similar to this is prohibited.
  20. Any act that will obstruct the use of this service by other users or any act leading to it is prohibited.
  21. Using bugs in the program (errors or bugs in computer programs), conducting actions contrary to the system of usage of this service.
  22. Duplicating, copying, modifying, adding, transforming or secondary use of the software used in this site, all or part of it, without the prior consent of the copyright owner is prohibited.
  23. Analyze and adapt the source code of this site by way of disassembling, decompiling, etc. for all the programs, software etc.
  24. Interfering the operation of this service, causing damage to the trust of partner companies related to this service, or giving other disadvantages or acts that are likely to lead to this practice is prohibited.
  25. Acts those violate various laws and regulations of Japan or other acts leading to such violation are prohibited.
  26. Using ID (e-mail address) and password illegally or in other inappropriate ways.
  27. Obstructing the operation of this service and this site.
  28. An act that will degrade the credibility of this site.
  29. Using this site when you are under the age of 18 years old.
  30. Other activities that are taken as inappropriate by the administrator.
Article 16 Management of verification information
The member shall be responsible for the use and management of the verification information, regardless of whether the member is willful or negligent.The member shall bear the damage caused by the use of the verification information by the third party, the administrator will not bear any responsibility.The members cannot let the third party use their verification information; neither they can share it with the third party.In addition, the member shall not transfer, lend, rename, share it for collateral, or share it with the third party.
In case this is service is used by the verification information of the user,it will be considered as the use is made by the concerned user,and regardless of whether the service is used by the actual user or not, the user will bear the whole responsibility of the concerned act.If the authentication informations of a user is used by third party or there is a possibility of it or in case the user has lost the password to the account, he should notify this to the administrator in time and follow administrator's directions after that.
Article 17 About Notification Mails (PUSH Notifications)
The Notification Mails delivered to the members are considered as agreed upon for the reception by the user.In addition, in the case where the member himself does not need the Notification Mails (PUSH notifications), the member should stop the mail (PUSH notifications) delivery through changing certain settings.
Article 18 Restrictions on using this service

If any of the following items become applicable to the member, this service will be temporarily suspended for that member without his consent.

  1. After trying all the options to contact, if the member is not accessible even by e-mail Other than above, if the administrator finds its too urgent
  2. Other than above, if the administrator finds its too urgent

The administrator shall not bear any responsibility at all when the measures in preceding paragraph are taken and if any damage occurs to the member, this service is available to members.

Article 19 Ban/Stop publishing the contents posted by the member

As far as the content published by the member is concerned, taking following things into account, content published by the member will be suspended or deleted without giving notice in advance, and the member shall not take any objection to this:

  1. Expiration of the period directed by the administrator
  2. Excess amount of the information
  3. Management and preservation of the facilities
  4. Operation of this site
  5. SSuspicion of this agreement or law violation
  6. Other administrator's judgment
Article 20 Ban/Stop publishing the contents posted by the member
If any of the following cases occurs, the administrator will temporarily suspend a part or whole of the service without a prior notice to the user. If there is a need for maintenance of the service facility. In the times of calamities like powercut, fire etc, or when the company is not able to provide the service due to the damage to its infrastructure. When the provision of this service becomes impossible due to war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, etc. If this service can not be provided due to any law and regulations. Apart from above, if the administrator decides the suspension of this service is due to operational and technical reasons, when necessary. In such cases of suspension of this service based on the causes given above, the administrator shall not be held liable for the damage caused by this to any use or the third party.
Article 21 Rights of the Administrator
The administrator has the right to post advertisements etc. using this service without the prior consent of the user.The administrator, without any prior consent of the user, can classify and rank the service in a manner the administrator finds suitable.Moreover, based on such classification or ranking, the company has the right to classify the users and offer them the service according to their type at any time.
Article 22 Prohibition of diversion of service
The users are prohibited to divert to someone or offer or make a third party use all or a part of the service of this site, or the data used to provide the service from this site by any way or use it for the business of his own or of a third party.
Article 23 Disclaimer

The administrator does not have any responsibility regarding the completeness, accuracy, conformity to a specific purpose, utility etc, of the information provided by this service and any other contents regarding the information provided by this service.The administrator also does not hold any responsibility for any of the items given below:

  1. Satisfaction the demands by the users on this service
  2. Any defect, error or a damage of this service
  3. The accuracy of the information obtained by this service.
  4. Fixing the flaws or bugs in the application provided
  5. The administrator shall not be obligated to compensate and refund for any reasons for the fees paid or point purchased.If the member consumes already purchased points, it is not included in that category.
  6. The user shall use this service at his / her own risk. The user will be wholly responsible for the damage caused to the user while using this service, except for cases where there is intentional or gross negligence on the side of the administrator.
  7. Except for the contents specified in the Privacy Policy, the administrator shall not be responsible for the use of the service provided free of charge to users.
  8. In case of minors, their guardians are responsible for judging whether the information published on this site is appropriate for minors.
  9. The administrator will not support by FAX while using this site as a basic rule.The inquiries from the users will be limited to the content of the App.Aso, there will be no support for computer, device or any communication software of the user when this service is in use.
  10. The contents those will be uploaded or posted on this site by the members will be handled by the members themselves.No responsibility for the loss of data, damage, etc., including deletion by the administrator, falsification by others will be borne by the administrator.
  11. The administrator shall not be obligated to compensate damages for computers, lines, software, etc. caused by downloading from this website, third party website including advertiser, partner media and advertisers, computer virus infection, etc
Article 24 Attribution of Intellectual Property Rights
Copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights such as patent rights, and all other rights relating to this service belong to the administrator.Copyrights, other adjacent rights, publicity rights, trademark rights, patents, design rights, utility model rights and other intellectual property rights of all contents and information posted on this site, and all other legal rights and interests hereinafter collectively referred to as "intellectual property rights") shall belong to the administrator or the content provider.Intellectual property rights of contents posted or uploaded by members on this site belong to the members themselves. When a member posts or uploads some contents on this site,including the cases where the intellectual property rights on publishing the content are owned by a third party,it is assumed that member has agreed upon making a lawful and effective use of law of intellectual property rights on using these content,and also using these intellectual property rights permanently, worldwide, free of charge, non-exclusively taking in account both,administrator and the member.
Article 25 Regarding the copyrights
The user will agree that all programmes,softwares trademark, trade name or any intellectual property rights and other rights those are annexed to it will belong to the administrator or third party with legitimate authority unless indicated otherwise.Without permission from the administrator legitimate right holders, the user cannot go out of the scope of the private use of this app and copying, lending, transmitting, public transmitting, adapting, modifying, using this service for the trading purpose is prohibited.Users can not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, dismantle or adapt all programs, software, etc. constituting this service beyond the scope of the users' private use.In the case where a member wishes to transfer, license or otherwise dispose of intellectual property rights on members' contents posted on this website to a third party, and if the third party does not agree upon the contents of these Terms, the intellectual property rights related to the membership content cannot be transferred, licensed or disposal in any other manner.
Article 26 About Personal Information
Personal information and information of users collected by the administrator is handled according to the administrator's privacy policy.
Article 27 Court of competent jurisdiction
About the litigations relating to this agreement, The Osaka District Court shall be the first exclusive jurisdiction court
Article 28 Standard law
Standard law of this agreement is Japanese law.